Daily Bulletin

Lewis Central Middle School Bulletin for Sunday, March 29, 2020

**Restaurant food/lunches**

Please remember the new rule at the Middle School regarding lunches. Restaurant food is not allowed to be brought in for students. Thank you for abiding by the new rule!

Box Tops has changed!

Now you need to download the Box Tops app and scan your receipts instead of cutting the Box Top logo off of products. This means we can't do seminar contests for Box Tops. So, instead, we are going to do a whole school goal. If we get 4,000 Box Tops for the school year we will get a hat day at the end of the year. Remember the Box Tops profits go to buy new books for the Middle School Library!

Playing middle school sports? In show choir?

You will need to have a current physical on file in the middle school office with Lori. Physicals are good one year from the date of the physical. Parents will fill out the 1st (front) page. Physicians will fill out the 2nd (back) page and parents/guardians will sign the bottom section of the 2nd page. You can find the link to the form here: Your text to link... You will also need a code of conduct and concussion form completed and signed by both student and parent/guardian. Both of these can be found on the last page of the activities handbook. You can find that link here: Your text to link...

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